Medical Ultrasound System and Diagnostic Device Manufacturer in China

We Medical has been the world's leading high-tech company that specializes in the development of diagnostic devices; we provide solutions to the Medical Imaging and In-Vitro Diagnostic fields through an array of cutting edge technologies. Our broad range of products and services enable clinicians to better diagnose their patients to make the prevention and treatment earlier, so their patients can enjoy their colorful lives.

  • Medical Ultrasound
    1. Portable Black and White UltrasoundWith our broad range of compact & powerful ultrasound system, you could enjoy the freedom of portability and get high quality images without compromise.
    1. Trolley Black and White UltrasoundOur Trolley B/W Ultrasound incorporates the latest micro-electronic and image processing technology to deliver excellent image clarity and accuracy to help make the diagnosis reliable ...
    1. Portable Color Doppler UltrasoundThink Small !!! With the advantages of portability, the compact Color Doppler Ultrasound could help clinicians make important decisions at the point of care, and you could have all the advanced ...
    1. Trolley Color Doppler UltrasoundWith Trolley Color Doppler Systems, you could make more accurate diagnosis in an easier way by the advanced image quality, efficient workflow and innovative tools our systems provide.
    1. Veterinary UltrasoundVeterinary Ultrasound are specially designed for various animals, no matter you are looking for the machines of big animals or small animals, you could always find the right one here.
  • In-Vitro Diagnostic Device
    1. Chemistry AnalyzerWe chemistry analyzer an excellent equipment for various tests with open reagents system in small and medium-sized ...
    1. Urine AnalyzerThe urine analyzer provides standardized results, virtually eliminating possible visual evaluation errors.
      The incubation, evaluation and printout occur automatically, quickly and quietly.
    1. Microplate Reader, Elisa ReaderWe microplate reader uses an advanced Windows operation system.
      It is designed with LED light source which makes it environmentally friendly ...
    1. Microplate Washer, Elisa WasherWe microplate washer offers 96-well microplate automated pipetting systems and dispensers.
      The microplate washer is a reliable ...
    1. Veterinary Diagnostic DeviceWe veterinary diagnostic device is used in clinical tests and urinalysis tests. It is designed and manufactured according to ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality control standards.

We Medical provides Leading-edge imaging and laboratory diagnostic equipment, innovative medical technologies and services to help the clinicians make better diagnosis and provide earlier disease prevention solutions in a more effective way. With over 150,000 units sold since 1997, Weproducts are known for excellent performance, easy to use and durability.

The various products we provide include: ultrasound, chemistry analyzer, microplate washer, microplate reader and urine analyzer. Our broad range products and services help healthcare professionals with the vital information they need to deliver better diagnose and treat cancer, heart disease, uterus diseases, fetal diseases, abdomen diseases, blood diseases, endocrine gland and hormone diseases, and other conditions earlier.

We view innovation & service as the foundation of sustainable success. So every year, we spend around 15% of our total revenue on R&D, and has built R&D center both in Canada and China to cooperate with worldwide partners, like universities, institutions and research labs to transform the latest innovation into new products.

For serving our customers as effectively and quickly as possible, we have branches in USA, GERMANY, CANANDA, HONGKONG, INDIA and CHINA to work close with our customers, and we measure the success of our innovations by the success of our customer's success, because we know that's the only way for creating sustainable value for all of us.